About the fund

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How we help

We deeply respect founders' time and get out of their way unless they ask for help (we're always just an email or text away). Founders often pull us in for help on product, go-to-market, and fundraising, but they also often consider us a thought partner at strategic inflection points. We know building something from nothing is extremely difficult so we try to be supportive wherever possible (being a public evangelist, responding to investor updates, sending candidates/investors/users your way, etc). Founders also tend to appreciate our direct and candid feedback style.

We started angel investing together because of our mutual interest in building and supporting delightful products. Rahul built Superhuman and Rapportive, while Todd built Eventjoy and Mailjoy. We now help founders with product strategy and design to help them find product/market fit faster.

We help founders think through how to find and acquire their customers. This is everything from product marketing to launch strategy to making direct intros in our founder and LP communities. At the earliest stages, this is often done in sync with key product decisions. We help founders think through both sides.

We help founders fundraise from the best investors (angels and funds) both in the current round and future ones. Once we commit, we immediately get to work. In future rounds, we help founders with everything from strategy and pitch prep to intros and negotiating advice.

Strategic inflection points
Many founders consider us a thought partner they can trust. We've helped founders work through scenarios like major pivots, M&A, and navigating board dynamics.


We're investors in 100+ companies including Placer, Clearbit, Mercury, ClassDojoNexHealth, Supabase, Manifold, Zip, Hex, CirclePitch, OpenPhone, Manifold, Scratchpad, AngelList, Descript, Seam, Farcaster, Wander, Lob, Charthop, AdQuick, Loyal, Destiny, Rewind, ReadwiseAshby, Gym Class, PetsApp, and dozens of others.


We have over 150 LPs which largely consists of world-class founders, operators, and investors. They help us support our companies whenever possible. A few of the founders and operators in our LP community include:

William Hockey
Founder @ Plaid
Scott Belsky
Founder @ Behance
Shahed Khan
Founder @ Loom
Jack Altman
Founder @ Lattice
Elad Gil
Angel investor
Helena Price Hambrecht
Founder @ Haus
Christian Reber
Founder @ Pitch
Babak Nivi
Founder @ AngelList
Des Traynor
Founder @ Intercom
Celine Halioua
Founder @ Loyal
Shishir Mehrotra
Founder @ Coda
Matteo Franceschetti
Founder @ Eight Sleep
Leore Avidar
Founder @ Alt, Lob
Roham Gharegozlou
Founder @ Dapper Labs
Wes Kao
Founder @ Maven
James Beshara
Founder @ Magic Mind
Shreyas Doshi
Early PM @ Stripe
Julia Dewahl
Ex-SpaceX, Opendoor
Avni Patel
Founder @ Milo
Kavin Mittal
Founder @ Hike
David Bladow
Founder @ Ancient Ritual
Samvit Ramadurgam
Founder @ Destiny, Forge
Marc Bhargava
Founder @ Tagomi
Aaron King
Founder @ Snapdocs
Zach Weinberg
Founder @ Flatiron Health
Ryan Shea
Founder @ Blockstack
Arielle Jackson
Marketer @ First Round
Ankur Nagpal
Founder @ Teachable
Zach Sims
Founder @ Codecademy
Walker Williams
Founder @ Fourthwall
Shrav Mehta
Founder @ Secureframe
Jennifer Campbell
Founder @ Tagomi
Jared Leto
Tikhon Bernstam
Founder @ Parse, Scribd
David King
Founder @ Highlighter
Sam Chaudhary
Founder @ ClassDojo
Kal Vepuri
Founder @ Hero Health
Jack Smith
Founder @ Vungle
Fred Turner
Founder @ Curative
Bobby Goodlatte
Angel investor
Ian White
Founder @ Charthop
Gagan Biyani
Founder @ Maven
Dawn Ho
Founder @ Seam
Taavet Hinrikus
Founder @ Wise
Chrys Bader
Founder @ Rosebud


What stage do you focus on?
We focus on pre-seed and seed, but we occasionally do post-seed and Series A rounds. We're more likely to invest if you've shipped a product and have some traction.

What do you invest in?
We're generalist investors that invest broadly -- SaaS, consumer, dev tools, APIs, crypto, VR, longevity, etc. We focus on finding ambitious founders building exceptional products in potentially large markets.

Will you invest in late-stage rounds?
We have in the past both via the fund and SPVs, but it's not a focus for us. Most of our late-stage investing these days is through follow-on investments into existing companies.

What's your check size?
We invest between $200k-$400k. We don't lead rounds and instead compliment most other funds and angels. In fact, we often help put rounds together through our network.

How can I invest in the fund?
The fund is closed and we're not raising right now, but do reach out if you're interested in future funds.