Todd & Rahul's Angel Fund

Hi there! We’re Todd Goldberg (Founded Eventjoy; Acquired by Ticketmaster) and Rahul Vohra (Founded Superhuman and Rapportive; Acquired by LinkedIn). We enjoy supporting ambitious founders and have been co-investing together as angels for over eight years.

We write $200k-$400k checks into early-stage startups and make decisions quickly. To date, we’ve invested over $35M into 100+ startups.

When we invest, we help with finding product/market fit, supercharging your go-to-market, and raising your next round from the best investors. Founders also tend to ask for our help at strategic inflection points.

We’re backed by 150+ world-class founders, operators, and investors. They help support and evangelize our companies too.

More about us

Celine Halioua

"Todd & Rahul are two of the most helpful people on my cap table. They were pivotal in helping me close my last two rounds."

Paul Copplestone

"Todd & Rahul are amazing. I couldn't recommend them enough, especially at the start of your fundraising. You will want them to be one of the first on your cap table, as they can bring other top angels and firms into your round. They got to work immediately after committing to invest."

Sid Yadav

"I can't overstate how helpful and game-changing Todd & Rahul's involvement in Circle has been. They're a class beyond their peers in the angel game — one of the few that deeply care about a lot more than getting their name on a cap table. Todd's intros were instrumental to our seed round, and I've tapped him for his input in so many other areas: product, go-to-market, PR strategy, recruiting help, and more. We're lucky to have them on our side."

Noam Ben-Zvi

"If you're starting a company, you want Todd and Rahul as investors. They elevated our fundraising strategy and have helped put together every round since the pre-seed. They’ve advised on the pitch itself with written narrative and presentation coaching. They’ve scaled with us from being an early believer to now an active board member."

Tom Harries

"Todd and Rahul were among our earliest backers and have been invaluable in terms of making introductions for subsequent rounds. They’re responsive when you need them, but otherwise remain in the background and let you do your thing. They are high value-add, and low maintenance – a perfect early-stage investing combo!"

Paul Katsen
Gym Class

"Todd and Rahul raise the bar for angel investors. When fundraising, they brought insights on the market, worked through strategy, and quickly made relevant introductions. With big product launches or as we thought about product/market fit, they dove into product and distribution. Overall, they bring the founder mentality to investing. I'd highly recommend them to any team."

Sam Chaudhary

“Todd and Rahul have been helpful on so many fronts: working through product strategy, creating media opportunities and helping with fundraising. If you’re an early stage founder, you should try to raise from them!”

Daniel Erickson

"If you're raising a round, you want Todd and Rahul to be with you. Their network, advice, and hands-on help with our pitch were invaluable to us during our Seed raise. They don't stop there though, Todd and Rahul are some of the best product thinkers in the business— for me, jamming with them on product is one of the highlights of building this company"

Jordan Messina
Once Upon

"I highly recommend working with Todd and Rahul. Their combined experience as founders and their expansive network have been invaluable resources. Most importantly, they make us better founders by asking challenging yet important questions to move the product and company forward. They truly epitomize what it means to be a value-add investor."

Pouyan Salehi

"Bottom-up growth and creating a product experience that users love are important to our success at Scratchpad. We've been highly impressed by Todd and Rahul's understanding of this strategy. They've helped us strategically and tactically think through our product experience, go-to-market, and onboarding efforts. We're thrilled to have them as partners."

Alamin Uddin

"I would highly recommend raising from Todd and Rahul. As an exited and active founder, they understand the lifecycle from day 1 to scale-up. As makers, they understand product/market fit and distribution. And as people in the community, they can open the door and provide references for almost anybody."

Thom Jenkins

“In selecting the right investors for your current round, I think it’s helpful to look ahead to who is going to make the next round easier. Todd and Rahul pass this test and then some - giving pitch feedback and making many important introductions, who now themselves sit as valued investors and advisors on our cap table. Their advice and network compounds.”

Julien Smith

"Todd and Rahul have been great. They are available at a moment's notice, bring high signal information with little fuss, and are always happy to help with whatever I have asked. I very much recommend working with them."